Principal Desk

I consider it a great honour and privilege to be the Principal of this wonderful institution for the last nine years. The trip down the memory lane fills me with an overwhelming sense of pride when I think of the great heights achieved in various fields by my young Evergreenarians who continue to conquer the world by leaps and bounds. The highly qualified and dedicated faculty, the excellent facilities, exposure and guidance provided, help students discover their teeming potential and polish it to the fullest thus developing the future accomplishers.

In a society with fast depleting values, students of Evergreen at a very young age are imbibed with social and moral values, ethics and etiquettes, ingrained within a broad and balanced curriculum. This helps promote a sense of responsibility, confidence, direction and critical thinking skills leading to the development of a well adjusted, adaptable and integrated personality.

The School is equally committed to the needy and under-represented segments of the population and does its bit in reaching out to its lesser privileged brethren through various programmes across the year.

The holistic and comprehensive education provided at EPS aims not at cramming up the little heads with mere facts and figures or words but help in uncovering the layers covering their souls which is the seat of infinite wisdom. The young scholars are encouraged to

Look Back and Experience, Look Forward and See Hope, Look Around and Find Reality, Look Within and Find Your ‘Self’

The School in accordance with its motto of Atmanam Vriddhi helps the little Evergreenarians to rediscover their true Self- pure, innocent, fearless and ever illumined, dispelling the darkness around with the torch of infinite wisdom.