To enhance a life-oriented education by integrating festival to learning process a weeklong celebration was organised in the primary wing of Evergreen Sr. Sec. School,Vasundhra Enclave, Delhi starting from 6th Oct. The event was filled with festival and fervour as parents, teachers and children availed the opportunity to exchange thoughts and feelings highlighting the essence of healthy eating habits. The corridor echoed with giggles and laughter as visitors thronged through to savour their favourite delights from tempting stalls put up parents of class I to III. The walls with posters and charts showcasing various mouth- watering yet nutritious cuisines added vibrancy to the ambience. The guests appreciated the culinary skills of participants, admired the young enthusiastic volunteers who distributed broachers on importance of food along with menu cards and helped in raising funds from stalls for charity.

The school principal Mrs. Priyanaka Gulati applauded the efforts of team and re-affirmed that such events would help in building a warm and cohesive community.