We aim to see our school graduates dazzle the world with the brilliance of their knowledge in all fields, the radiance, calm centredness, compassion, and purity of their spirit soaked in our ancient Indian ethos and mind empowered by positive thoughts and deeply rooted in mindfulness to create a new inclusive world where everyone handhold each other on the path of excellence and success.


  • To encourage acquisition of wide array of knowledge through art, subject integrated, experiential learning.
  • To enhance a sense of inquisitiveness, wonderment and thirst for knowing more.
  • To create the perfect birthing ground for innovation by welcoming and nurturing every idea and opening doorways to infinite possibilities.
  • To inculcate self-love, forgiveness and an attitude of gratitude through various activities throughout the schooling years.
  • To weave mindfulness into every day living through a planned curriculum and create the entire eco system of the school on the principles of mindfulness and allow the butterfly effect.